Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nutrition Mopnth Celebration Script

Nutrition Month Celebration

The Holy Child Educational Center is indeed thankful of this opportunity to celebrate life through the Ecology Month and the Nutrition Month. Since the beginning of July, we were all made aware of how important our health and our environment to our lives as human beings. Some of the days witnessed health consciousness movement in and out of the classroom by the faculty members, dental campaigns headed by our resident dentist, old newspaper crusade, ecology and nutrition quiz bee, spelling bees, cookfest, essay writing contest, poster making and all the works designed for our health and environment awareness drive. Today, we will be witnessing the culmination of a month-long activity with a blast as we punctuate our worthy endeavors with the much awaited Ecology fashion show which will showcase the creative designs of our Young couturiers from the Level VI, to be enlivened by the bands coming from all levels in their own Tunog-kusina rendition.

We surely have our hands full this afternoon, fellow HCECians. So, let’s brace ourselves as we prove once again that we have healthy minds in our healthy bodies.. or as they say in latin: MENS SANA IN CORPORE SANO!

Let’s all rise to acknowledge the Our Almighty Father who made us His perfect creations through an invocation to be led by Mdm Lorilyn Guevara

I. Invocation Mdm. Lorilyn Guevarra

Please remain standing for the singing of the Phil National anthem

II. Phil National Anthem HCEC Choir

Sir Chito Lagrimas, our HELE coordinator, Home Economics and Livelihood Education extraordinaire will give his opening remarks

III. Opening Remarks Sir Chito Lagrimas

Let’s all sit back and relax… prepare to be dazzled by our young fashionistas in their casual attire

a. Fashion Show (Casual Attire)

Those were our young models in their casual wear. By the way, they will be judged according to the following criteria: (please read criteria)

And now, it’s time to jiggle our eardrums as our Tunog Kusina bands from Level II and Level IV rock the stage with their music.

While the first band is preparing, allow me to read the criteria for judging (please read criteria)

b. Tunog-Kusina

a. Grade II

b. Grade IV

And now, let’s welcome back our models on stage, as they execute their respective poses ala’ sport aficionados.

c. Sports wear

While our next band performers are preparing their instruments, let me do the honor of introducing our competent judges and board of computers:

Introduction of judges

And now, back to the concert… let’s all welcome, the

Grade I

Grade III

What you are is God's gift to you. What you make of yourself is your gift to God. This truth shall be underscored as our young, talented models conquer the catwalk wearing their original designs made out of scraps and indigenous materials!

Indigenous materials parade

As always, in Holy Child, we are not contented unless we do everything in style and with a mighty bang. So let’s all welcome, the last band contestant…

Grade V

Before we announce our winners, our Coordinator for the month, Sir Carlo Bergado will render us his message

V. Closing Remarks Sir Carlo Bergado

Announcement of winners

That ends our program… thank you for joining us in this celebration of life and remember: MENS SANA IN CORPERE SANO. This is…..


Your Emcee

Have a good life and good afternoon to everyone!

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